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Expert & Caring Educators

ChemPraxis comprises experienced, passionate, and highly qualified PhD educators who are dedicated to nurturing each student’s potential.

Cutting-edge Lab Facilities

ChemPraxis sets the gold standard in education with a cutting-edge chemical lab, fostering hands-on laboratory skills. Students excel through experiential learning, gaining a profound understanding of complex chemical concepts.

Proven Result since 2013

Our track record of consistently achieving remarkable results speaks for itself. Many of our alumni have excelled in their academic and professional careers.

IGCSE & A-Level Tuition centre

ChemPraxis is a Science-specialized A-level and IGCSE Tuition Centre, focusing primarily on Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics. With a few PhD educators who share the same passion in teaching & guiding the younger generation, we cooperate and established the Science Specialized Tuition Centre with innovative learning environment. Besides dedication in assisting students to score A* in Science subjects, we are keen to promote their real interest in Science. We embrace the approach of Education 4.0 in teaching. Hence, we are more than happy to invest heavily in our setup to promote good laboratory based learning along with the relevant theory.

The word “Praxis” comes from Ancient Greek that carries the meaning of engaging, exercising, practicing ideas and performs self-reflection in learning. We believe in going through a cyclical experiential learning process (theory, practical and self-reflection), it will assist students in establishing long-term and deep understanding of the knowledge. The pedagogy employed is both learner-centered and inquiry-based with hands-on exposure.

Renowned Educators

Dr Catherine Tan holds PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology. She has vast experience in laboratory work, publication of journal and with great passion in education. More than 12 years of intensive teaching experience in A-level & IGCSE Chemistry and Biology makes her the Subject Matter Expert (SME). On top of that, she is also a registered Chemist of Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom and an active participant in international conference.

Royal Society of Chemistry

Dr Wyman Wong holds PhD in Biochemistry. He has research experience in Research Institute of Chemistry (RIKEN), Japan, specialty in proteins modelling and bio-materials synthesis. He is a passionate educator as well and good in delivering key-points & interesting lecture of A-level & IGCSE Biology and Chemistry. Besides, Dr Wyman Wong is a registered Chemist of American Chemical Society, United States.

American Chemistry Society

6-step success:
Your path to Academic Excellence

We’ve developed a meticulously crafted, comprehensive six-step process that acts as your personal roadmap, guiding you steadily towards your acadmic goals.


Personalised Assessment

We begin in identifying strengths and weaknesses, enabling tailored instruction and setting the path for effective learning and improvement.


Precise Arrangement

Thoughtful arrangement of teaching plans based on the assessment to ensure focused, efficient learning, fostering comprehension and achievement.


Mastering of Theory

Solid understanding of theory is the catalyst for excellent academic performance, enabling deeper comprehension, & problem-solving.


Strengthening of Practical skill

Hands-on lab practicals deepen chemistry understanding by providing real-world application, enhancing knowledge retention, and igniting a passion for science.


Answering technique

Answering techniques are the compass to navigating exams successfully, ensuring precise, organized, and impactful responses that drive higher academic grades


Familiarization of Exam model

Exam model familiarity empowers students with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently navigate exams and excel academically.

Established Lab

ChemPraxis is willing to invest in educating future generation of scientist. For this reason, we have setup an innovating Chemical lab in the tuition centre. We believe in practical learning together with theory. Hence, the aim of the lab in our tuition centre is meant to optimize the active learning process of our students.

What People Say

This A-level and IGCSE tuition center is a true gem. Their expert tutors transformed my understanding of the subject. I achieved top grades, thanks to their unwavering support, tailored lessons, and passion for teaching.

Alvin Lai


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IGCSE Group class

Supercharge your IGCSE success! Join our Group Class Tuition for expert guidance, collaborative learning, and proven exam strategies.


per month


4 sessions per month


Focus group of 12 per class


Access to all notes & questions

A-level Group class

Ideal for those with basic background, learning in group class elevates your understanding and master of the advanced exam answering skills.


per month


4 sessions per month


Focus group of 12 per class


Access to all notes & questions

Elite One-to-One Plan

This comprehensive education plan optimises your performance with an intense training regimen, highly personalised & precise progress tracking.


per hour


Personalised teaching plans


Priority booking for all classes


Hands-On lab practical


Ongoing performance assessments

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IGCSE & A-level Revision notes

Besides providing IGCSE & A-level tuition, ChemPraxis has taken progressive steps to assist student from different angles too.

For instance, we has summarized the important points and turned them into complete revision notes. On top of that, all of the revision notes are free downloadable.

Consequently, we would like to request you to share the link or notes to your friend to help more students.

Click the following links for the latest A-level & IGCSE Chemistry & Biology revision notes (2016-2018) and topical questions :

IGCSE & A-Level YouTube Channel for Lab

We have prepared series of Chemistry lab experiment on YouTube to ease your understanding too :


A-level Chemistry lab
IGCSE Chemistry Lab

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