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Chemistry Boutique is a Science Specialized IGCSE , MUFY & A-level Tuition Centre in Chemistry & Biology. The A-level tuition centre in Puchong is founded by a group of passionate Science PhD educators. Besides, the tuition centre is equipped with an established chemical lab. With the chemical lab, students could enhance their understanding and practical skills. The A-level tuition centre is also located next to IOI Puchong Jaya LRT station.Chemistry Boutique Goal

Our goal is to assist student to score A* in Science subjects. Meanwhile, we are keen to nurture their real interest in Science. By doing so, it will benefit students who plan to study in medicine, pharmacy, material science, genetic engineering etc.

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Principal Consultant

Dr Catherine Tan holds PhD doctorate in Pharmacology & Toxicology. She has vast experience in chemical lab work, publication of journal, and with great passion in lecturing. 

On top of that, Dr Catherine is also a registered Chemist of Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom. 

Royal Society of Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry from United Kingdom is the oldest chemical society in the world since year 1841.

Vice-Principal Consultant

Dr Wyman Wong holds PhD doctorate in Biochemistry. He has many years of research experience in Research Institute of Chemistry (RIKEN), Japan. He is familiar in proteins modelling and bio-materials synthesis.

Besides, Dr Wyman Wong is a registered Chemist of American Chemical Society, Unites States.

American Chemistry Society                  

C Lab & A-level tuition centre

Chemistry Boutique is willing to invest in educating future generation of scientist. For this reason, we have setup a Chemical lab, known as the C lab. We believe in practical learning together with theory. Hence, the aim of C lab in our A-level Tuition Centre is meant to optimize the learning process. As a fully setup lab, C lab is covering complete scope of Chemistry syllabus for A-level , MUFY and IGCSE. With C lab, we could show the practical experiment steps to our students vividly. Consequently. the students will be able to understand chemistry better with greater exposure. The practice will be helpful to prepare students before joining Science Degree program in university.

A-level tuition centre in Puchong

Chemistry Boutique provides fun and tailor made lesson to educate all kinds of students. You could opt for either class or personal section. For personal tutoring, it would be more flexible in terms of time and content of learning. Moreover, you could request to have extra attention in certain topics.

Besides, we also offer tuition for AUSMAT , SAM , IB , CIME etc. Please send us a message for the tuition section.

A-level Tuition Timetable 2019
Timetable 2019 for A-level tuition
Tuition fees for A-level Tuition
Tuition fees for A-level Tuition Centre

Chemistry Boutique also provides individual lab practice section to complement theory based learning. It would be helpful to student who is taking practical test. Private candidate is welcomed to join our practical lab section. Customized lab manual will be provided to ease the learning too.

A-level tuition notes & Topical questions

Besides providing tuition in the A-level Tuition Centre, Chemistry Boutique has taken progressive steps to assist student from different angles too.

For instance, we has summarized the important points and turned them into complete revision notes. On top of that, all of the revision notes are free downloadable. Consequently, we would like to request you to share the link or notes to your friend to help more students.

Click the following links for the latest A-level Chemistry revision notes (2016-2018) and topical questions :

A-level Chemistry Notes

Furthermore, we prepares educational newsletter bi monthly. It assists students to explore world of science from commercial and academic point of view.

Click the link toPre-U Educational Newsletter , specially prepared for Pre-University students.

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