Chemistry Boutique provides educational advice on charting the path of tertiary education for Pre-university students. Tight cooperation together with several well-known private universities enables Chemistry Boutique to assist and prepare student further to opt for his intrinsic interest in selected field.

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Besides, Chemistry Boutique offers technical consultancy in preparation of academic patent, scientific journal and educational Chemistry related project. Apart from educating tonnes of graduate students in the field of science & engineering, research universities also play an important role in creating a better future by publishing scientific journal and academic patent. It is ranging from theory, application, new technology, new medicine, new production method etc.

Chemistry Boutique also provides tailor made education needs for personnel works in Chemical or medical related field. Working adults who like to enhance their knowledge in Chemistry & Biology are welcomed to work closely with us. Our consultancy firm has provided some seminar and training to life-science based company such as Boston scientific, Thermo Fisher etc. Furthermore, Chemistry Boutique could provide consultancy service to corporation and perform some project management such as chemical content analyse, specific chemical extraction etc.

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