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ChemPraxis offers one of the best class IGCSE Biology tuition in Klang Valley. In order to assist students, we have prepared IGCSE Biology notes for further reference. Starting from 2016 onward, there are some major changes to the syllabus and additional of several new topics.

Our International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) biology programme is specially designed to enable students to excel in the IGCSE (CIE or EDEXCEL) Biology subject. By exposing students to interesting biology concepts with practical demonstration, it will ease the understanding.

With a strong focus on fundamental knowledge development as well as thinking out of the box, we prepare our students for biology subject at secondary levels and beyond by providing advanced materials. In order to give students a more competitive edge, our IGCSE Biology tuition includes lab skills practice.

Our goal is to establish a firm foundation on each topic in biology, stretch students further and stimulate their interest in the subject by injecting real world application of biology.

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Cambridge IGCSE Biology

IGCSE Biology Notes

The following notes are the complete and updated Cambridge IGCSE Biology notes and its related past year topical question:

IGCSE Biology Notes (Year 10)

1. Characteristics and Classification of Living Organism

2. Organisation of the organism

3. Movement In and Out of Cells

4. Biological Molecules

5. Enzymes

6. Plant Nutrition

7. Human Nutrition

8. Transport in Plant

9. Transport in Animals

10. Diseases and Immunity

11. Gas Exchange in Humans

12. Respiration

IGCSE Biology Notes (Year 11)

13. Excretion

14. Coordination and Response

15. Drugs

16. Reproduction

17. Inheritance

18. Variation and Natural Selection

19. Organisms and their Environment

20. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

21. Human Influence on Ecosystem

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Cambridge IGCSE Biology syllabus 2019

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IGCSE Chemistry Notes

IGCSE Biology notes
Fun in IGCSE Biology



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